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Fitness in Menopause Virtual Workshop (Fitness Professionals) July 13-17th , 2pm-3:30pm CST

Do you consider hormonal influences when designing programs for your clients? Have you worked with women in their 40s-60s that are frustrated that the fitness routine that has worked for them for decades is no longer working. They notice an increase in belly fat that just won’t go away and no matter what they do, nothing helps? Are you interested in learning how you can help menopausal women get the most out of their fitness routine? Middle-aged women report a lack of understanding and education as a major problem when picking a fitness professional. Stand out as a fitness pro that understands that women in mid-life need to be understood as having their own possibilities and challenges.
This session will provide the most current research-based information on how hormonal changes and osteoporosis can influence program design and what type and intensity of the physical activity will yield the best effects for specific menopausal symptoms. You will also learn how to understand and approach women in mid-life and help them transition through menopause in a positive way. You will get answers to these and many other questions: Does menopausal status matter when training a client? What exercises provide the highest benefits? How much exercise is enough? Should you recommend high-intensity training?

(a) Explain the basics of menopause and identify key hormones involved in menopause
(b) Explain how changing hormones influence metabolic functioning and physical activity outcomes
(c) Develop exercise programs using different types/modalities and intensities based on the severity and occurrence of menopausal symptoms

This course is accredited by NASM, AFAA, ACE for 0.7 credits. Platform: Live video workshop Price: $199 (with CEC certificate)