menopause menu, garlic


Reduces CVD Risk in postmenopausal women

My “MENOPAUSE MENU” series is dedicated to exploring foods that can be easily assimilated into your diet and that have health benefits specific to menopause and aging.

Besides warding off vampires and werewolves, which is of course extremely important, garlic is a magic bullet of nutrition and health. The irresistible aroma of roasted garlic should be reason enough to use it all the time but garlic has many health benefits that should make it a staple in your everyday diet. Here are my top reasons for using it:

  • The main active ingredient, Allicin, gives it anti-bacterial/anti-fungal superpowers. It’s often referred to as nature’s penicillin.
  • It’s an excellent source of vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and zinc. 
  • It can help boost your immune system. It’s touted to be a remedy against the common cold. So if you often get colds, add garlic to your diet.
  •  It makes everything more delicious!!! Because heat can destroy most of the health benefits of garlic, Jo Robinson, recommends in her book, Eating on the Wild Side, to “Chop, mince, slice, or mash the garlic and then keep it away from the heat for ten minutes.” This gives it a chance to produce the most Allicin possible, thereby preserving its superpowers.

Stay curious, unafraid, and armed with knowledge!
– Dr. Maria Luque