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Menopause-Specific Consultation  ($149)


Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey or want to maximize your fitness routine to improve your quality of life in menopause, I can help. Consultations begin with a detailed questionnaire that teaches us both about your particular needs and challenges. Over the course of this sixty-minute session, I’ll gather information and devise a roadmap for your fitness journey going forward. 


Fitness in Menopause Coaching Group

menopause fitness coaching

I’m incredibly excited to announce the launch of my first Mind/Body Fitness in Menopause Coaching Group, starting later this spring. Having earned my PhD studying the effects of fitness training on menopausal quality of life, I know how to create workouts that work, and that’s where we’ll start.  But–and this is new–this group will also be a rare combination of education, support, and motivation that goes beyond the strictly physical. With fitness as a baseline, we’ll delve into so many other ways to optimize this next stage of life!


In order to assure plenty of personalized attention, enrollment is limited to ten women.  Join the waitlist here (click.) It is my hope that, together, we’ll navigate the challenges and rewards of menopause in a healthy, sustainable, and rewarding way. 


The 12-week program will include:

* In-depth and current research-based, interactive curriculum 

*6 virtual one-on-one sessions 

*Monthly group Q&A 

*Menopause-symptom-specific exercise program 

*Understanding your Quality of Life personality–your motivations, goals, challenges, strengths, and more 

*Access to a clients-only Facebook group 

*Bi-weekly check-ins


Sign up if you’re up for trying something new and are ready to put in the work. This is going to be fun! 


To be added to the waitlist, submit the contact form and I’ll keep you in the loop. 

Online Courses

Menopause 101

menopause 101

A short introduction–or refresher course–on the basics of menopause, this course addresses the basics of this much-misunderstood transition in a woman’s life. If you can’t quite get your head around the onslaught of information that greets you in mid-life, this course will help set you straight.

Topics include:

  • Stages of menopause and what they mean
  • Menopause symptoms and changes that occur during the transition
  • Hormones involved
  • Hormone replacement treatment (HRT) Mythbusting
  • HRT Alternatives (nutrition, lifestyle, fitness)


Workshops & Speaking

I specialize in helping women in midlife take charge of their health and quality of life as they transition through menopause. To book me as a consultant, host, or speaker on topics relating to fitness and quality of life in menopause, click the link below.


Past presentations and workshops include:

Training the Menopausal Client

2018 World Fitness Convention, San Diego, CA


Training the Female Client – How hormonal changes influence program design

2017 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute EAST, Bethesda, MD


The “M” Word – Let’s talk menopause

2014 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West, Seattle, WA

2014 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute East, Washington, D.C.